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TableStream - Automatic Electric Water Gallon Pump Dispenser

TableStream - Automatic Electric Water Gallon Pump Dispenser

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  • Keep Thirst Quenching And Hydrating Water Within Reach

    Easily supply your family with refreshing water by setting up the TableStream wherever you enjoy your meal. This compact water dispenser comes with a long silicone water hose that makes it compatible with any water jug.

    Our powerful TableStream boasts multiple water level pumping modes to fill up almost any jug or tumbler. Plus, the TableStream is much easier to clean than floor standing and bacteria-ridden water dispensers.

    Key Benefits

    ✔ Safe & Non-Toxic - This handy TableStream is made with food grade silicone and stainless steel. This ensures that every drop of water that comes out of the TableStream is safe and healthy to drink.

    ✔ Portable Size - Our handy TableStream is compact and lightweight, making it easy to position anywhere in your home. In fact, it doesn't take up too much space, making it perfect for tabletops and counters.

    ✔ Universal Fit - The TableStream comes with a long silicone straw that can siphon water from any water container. Whether you're streaming water out of bottles or gallon containers, the TableStream has got you covered.

    ✔ Rechargeable Battery - Equipped with a powerful battery, the TableStream can remain powered up for days after every charge. Simply connect the USB charger cable to the TableStream to re-energize it for future use.

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