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SnapHooks - Wall Mount Magnetic Hooks

SnapHooks - Wall Mount Magnetic Hooks

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  • Seamlessly Organize Remote Controls, Devices, Extension Cords, And More!

    Never lose sight of your remote control by mounting it on your wall with our handy SnapHooks. These SnapHooks are unlike your regular organizers. They let you mount all types of things on your walls via a strong magnets.

    Our premium SnapHooks are perfect for items like remote controls, routers, and compact extension cords. They help keep your home look neat while maximizing your storage space. Simply snap your remote to the wall and you're good to go!

    Key Benefits

    ✔ Easy Mounting - These SnapHooks let you mount small devices to your wall within seconds. Simply stick the SnapHooks to your wall and device, then snap them together when you want to store your device.

    ✔ Powerful Magnet - Even with its tiny size, the magnet on the SnapHooks can carry the weight of large remote controls. They're secure enough to keep your devices from falling to the ground no matter how long you leave them mounted.

    ✔ Damage-Free Attachment - There's no need to drill holes onto your walls just to use the SnapHooks. The SnapHooks come with strong adhesives that are tacky enough to stick onto almost any type of surface.

    ✔ Versatile Tool - Despite their simple design, the SnapHooks can be used to store a variety of items. They're perfect to use for organizing wires, keeping remote controls from getting lost, or even storing keys.

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